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(added 02/01/2009)

Anne writes about an evening meeting at Pastor Edwin Sonio's
Foursquare Gospel Church at Aroma village, in the north west of Mindoro Island in the Philippines.

A family were brought to yesterday's meeting (25 November 2009) , none of whom were believers. The father was Marlon Roga, 29 years old, and his wife was Analyn. They have two children, Marilyn (4) and Ana (2).

Marlon was a fisherman who had severely injured his back two years ago in an accident that had happened when a big fishing boat was being pulled into the harbour. His back and hip had been badly injured and he also suffered from nerve damage. These injuries caused the man to tremble and twitch constantly and he suffered horrible pain. He was unable to sleep and could not get comfortable rest in any position at all. In the meeting he sometimes sat trembling on his seat, or at other times he bent down and tried to lie down on the floor in horrible agony. I was told that he normally got around by crawling on all fours, as he could not walk.

I preached a fiery sermon and afterwards this man was brought up front to be prayed for, together with his family members and children. Pastor Edwin Sonio asked them: “Before we pray, would you and your family give your lives to Jesus, for then your healing will be a guarantee?" So the family said yes, and they received their salvation. Edwin led them to Christ in the Tagalog language as that was the only language that they were familiar with. Then came the time for prayer for healing.
I prayed and commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave him, for vitality to come back and for a creative miracle to happen in Jesus' Name. Then Pastor Sonio took the man by one hand and I held the other and we started walking. Step by step his walking got better , and then we let him stand up on his own. He stood there and with tears in his eyes he told us that there was no longer any pain anywhere! And to prove it he walked forward on his own, totally straight with no trembling or shaking.
The place went wild with delight! Our school teachers Frances and Sharon burst into tears and so did Daisy. She has only been a believer for two years and it had been just last year when she saw her first healing miracle. People cried and shouted that revival had come to Aroma. Everyone was in tears, especially the family and of course the healed man himself.
Marlon testifies of his healing, with Pastor Sonio
When the meeting was over he got up from his seat and ran to me with a huge smile on his face. He shook hands with everybody and there was no sign of any bone damage or illness left. He will come to church again today.


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