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(added 19/12/2009)

Thank you, Anne, that you came to visit us here in Hajala (Salo,Finland). In the meeting that you held in Hajala, you prayed for my aching feet. The joints of my big toes had been stiff and very painful for a long time, as there was cartilage that had started to grow on the joints, with the result that I could not bend them any more. That then caused another problem to arise, as walking with stiff and hurting toes is not easy and I had to turn my feet outwards a bit to ease the pain. My joints were also swollen and the same was true with the soles of my feet - they swelled too, as walking in the wrong position caused increasing discomfort and pain. During the past summer every day after coming home from work my feet were burning and giving me awful shooting pains.

When you prayed for me, I felt heat and a trembling sensation. It felt like things were being unlocked in my feet. In the four months since that time there I have had been no pains or burning feelings at all! The cartilages have almost completely melted away and there is only a tiny little amount on my joints. I can walk normally! A big thank you to the Lord! I am eagerly waiting for the moment when I can show everyone how smooth my joints are. I think that this is a real testimony of what wonderful things God can do to an ordinary person like me.

Lea, from Salo, Finland
Testimony written December 2009


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