Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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(added 19/12/2009)

It was in the Summer of 2009 that I saw Anne for the first time - I went to three of her meetings in Riihimäki and Turku. I had been suffering from intestinal problems for a couple of years and the situation got considerably worse during my summer holidays in July 2009. Anne prayed for me in Riihimäki and received words of knowledge for me, saying that I had three deep wounds that God was going to come and heal. That is exactly what happened. In that meeting God healed my intestines and since then I have felt so much better.

In Riihimäki God also dealt with my stress in an amazing way. There had been such heavy stress in my life and I suffered from weariness and pressures at work. After those meetings my life has been so much easier.

In the meeting in Turku God gave a word to me through Anne, saying that He would give back to me those things that had been stolen from me. I can testify that even that has started to come true. Firstly in my work, but I believe that it will come true in other areas of my life as well. A big thank you to the Lord!

Tuula, Vantaa


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