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(added 6 Feb 2010)

My allergy to sunlight started about six years ago and got worse as time went on. In recent years it was so severe that I could not go out in sunshine at all unless my whole body was totally covered, I even had to wear a broad brimmed hat and gloves. This made my life pretty miserable as I have lovely grandchildren with whom I wanted to go outside and play. I also used to enjoy walking by the sea, but there the effect of even a little bit of sunshine is multiplied and so it was impossible for me.

I was totally healed after Anne prayed for me in the summer of 2009. The very next day I went outside for the first time in at least five years with only a sleeveless shirt on, wearing no gloves and no hat. All the symptoms of the allergy had instantly disappeared and have not come back! Praise God for my healing!

Marja-Liisa, Helsinki


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