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(added 19/12/2009)

My name is Roy and I am a gardener by profession. I injured my leg in an accident at work and I had to go on long term sick leave as the pain just went on week after week - for 6 months overall. My leg was examined by several medical specialists and at one point they speculated that the nerves in my back had been damaged in the accident and that was the cause of the agonising pain in my leg. I was x-rayed and underwent many different tests and treatments, but no real diagnosis was given for the horrible pain in my right leg, and certainly no cure. I couldn't walk without limping and every movement hurt.

I had to start using a walking stick to try and make it easier to get around. I also received water treatment which made me feel a bit better, but it didn't heal my leg. I started to think that I would have to apply for permanent disability benefit because of this injury because no professional gardener can work properly with a gammy leg.

Then one evening I went to a meeting held by Anne Miettinen, where another pastor from Samoa and his team were present. The two of them prayed for God to heal my leg. Anne encouraged the Samoan Pastor to lay his hands on my leg and to pray with his team that I would be totally healed. As they prayed I felt a stream of heat pouring into my legs, filling me with energy and making me want to run! So I ran back and forth in the room, and then I rushed up and down the stairs, something that I had been completely unable to do for the past six months.

During the next week there was still some sensitiveness and pain in my leg, even though I could walk normally. So I decided to go back again to Anneʻ´s meeting. She prayed and commanded the pain to disappear in Jesusʻ´name and in that very moment the pain left. I could immediately go back to my work and the leg has been absolutely normal since that time. Without the healing power of Jesus I would now be on a disability pension.

Roy, Brisbane, Australia


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